Visualizing my someday house

It’s been 15 months now since we started renovating, and there are still some months to go.  It’s been a long, difficult, often discouraging process.  When I look at and walk around the house, I am looking at and walking around the house that will be, not the house that’s there.  Once I even walked into a wall, because I planned to put a new doorway there, and in my mind it was already there!

The extended construction period has given me time to visualize every little detail of the house, in my mind.  I’ve designed tile layouts, arranged furniture, determined the correct height of the toothbrush holder over the bathroom sink (you think I’m exaggerating), and naturally chosen paint colors for every room.

But after this much time, even I can lose sight of what the house is meant to look like when it’s done.  Sometimes when my field of vision gets crowded with the dusty construction site that’s actually there, I need a little help visualizing the finished product.  That’s when I turn to a certain interior design website for inspiration.  Over these months, I’ve collected images there of the kinds of things I see when I look around my construction site, and thought you, my faithful readers, might like to see what I see:

Let me know what you think.  And send me encouraging comments.  And cash, if you’ve got it.  Lots of cash.

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2 Responses to Visualizing my someday house

  1. Sarah says:

    I can see it! And its amazing.

  2. I just love your inspirations boards! So excited for you! xoxoxo!

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