Stacey’s Renovationary Army

It’s almost time to mobilize my friends & family crew for Sunday work days.  Soon, very soon, all the framing and rough floors will be in and we will be able to walk around inside again, thank goodness!

I am keeping an email list called “Stacey’s Renovationary Army” (SRA), for people who have volunteered to come help with the house.  If you’re on this list, you should have just received an email from me.  If you’d like to be on the list so you know about upcoming work days, drop me a line and I will add you!

Thanks for all the material and moral support, everyone!  I am never ever ever going to renovate another house after this one, yippie!


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One Response to Stacey’s Renovationary Army

  1. Rich says:

    Really looking forward to following this blog! This looks like an incredible project.

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